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Step 1. Place your thumb on the back of the buckle!

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Place your thumb on the back of the buckle!

Step 2. Now your push your knife forward and away from the belt buckle. Don't push down or try to pull it up because it doesn't work that way.

Push the knife away from the buckle!

Step 3. Displaying the knife coming away from the buckle!

Displaying the knife coming away from the buckle!

Step 4. With the knife pushed forward!

With the knife pushed forward!

Step 5. Place your fingers on the knife!

Place your fingers on the knife!

Step 6. Lift it out of the holster/buckle!

Lift it out of the holster/buckle!

Step 7. Turn your palm up and put your thumb on the thumb screw!

Turn your palm up and put your thumb on the thumb screw!

Step 8. Open the knife!

Open the knife!

Step 9. Place your thumb on the lock and your index finger on the back of the blade!

Place your thumb on the lock and your index finger on the back of the blade!

Step 10. Push the lock to the side!

Push the lock to the side!

Step 11. Close the blade!

Close the blade!

Step 12. Return to the holster/buckle!

Return to the holster/buckle!

Step 13. Your Locked, Cocked And Ready To Roll! Keep Practicing And You'll Be Lightning Fast!

Keep practicing and you'll be lightning fast!

Confirmation Of Legality!

Knife Dimensions!

The Knife Dimensions are 3 1/4" long x 1 5/8" high x 9/16 " thick and weighs about 5 1/2 ounces . The knife is 5 1/2" open with a blade length of 2 15/32" making it within the law!

All Knives Securely Held In By A Samarium Cobalt Magnet!




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Our Goals:

  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To promote a high quality user friendly belt buckle knife.

Our Business:

Our business was founded in 2000. We were so excited about the quality and ease of our belt buckle knife that we wanted everyone to know about it. We have received such a great response from our sales at conventions and shows, we knew it was time to reach our audience via the internet. We hope you enjoy our selection and please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or to have your very own custom belt buckle knife made exactly how you want it. Thank You, Bucklehead! 530-335-2450

Bucklehead Is Proud To Offer You Amazing Quality! The buckle is made from 410 stainless steel. The knife is high quality and made for this application only. The knife is also made from 410 stainless steel. The blade is made from 440C and will hold an edge like you won't believe. All this adds up to a product that is virtually indestructible. Nylon inserts are added to allow a smooth action. The Samarium Cobalt Magnet holds the knife in place. All of these things add up to some tough stuff. Along with the unique action this puts this product way ahead of the curve in knife technology today. Heirloom quality to be passed on generation to generation. It will never wear out! 

Bucklehead Knives Unique Action! Imagine a knife open in your hand in less than a second. No springs, no levers, no latches. The knife is held in place with a magnet, a perpetual lock and it will never wear out. Designed for one handed operation with no wasted motion. Show it to your friends they will never figure it out. How can something so simple be so complicated. This puts our product a cut ahead of the competition!

Bucklehead Belt Buckle Knives Are Handcrafted! Handcrafted means just that. This buckle is made in a small shop in Northern California. This buckle is bent, polished and assembled and engraved one buckle at a time. This assures that you will receive a product that is Heirloom Quality and will always serve you as good as the day it was made. Add Sterling Silver and make it personalized and a one of a kind hand engraved gift for yourself or someone you love!

Bucklehead Belt Buckle Knives Offer You No Wasted Motion! Imagine a knife open in your hand in less than a second. Every other knife in the world has something in common. You must reach first to access your knife! Normally your knife is carried in your pocket, a sheath or maybe in your boot. You must reach to access all of these places. With our Belt Buckle Knife your knife is in front of you. This allows you to access your knife without reaching for it. Knife first instead of reach first. This is what has made our product the World's Fastest Knife! 
Practical or Tactical!
In a practical application your knife first is a real convenience. Designed for one handed operation and returns to the same place every time. This leaves you never wondering where's my knife! No Wasted Motion, convenient even with something in your other hand!   

ApplicationsTactical! Defending against an attack, "Man or Animal". Knife first in this application is a must! Your knife out and open in less than a second could make the difference between going home, to the hospital or worse! This knife can be accessed and deployed in a undetectable manner  and this is a real plus in a tactical situation! You see animal attacks on TV all of the time. A person walking or jogging becomes a victim of a dog attack with no line of self defense. "Helpless" Helpless is a sorry state to be in. A small knife in your buckle accessed from a convenient place in less than a second could be your only line of defense! A small price to pay for your or your loved one's protection! 

Bucklehead Offers You 3 Guarantees Or Your Money Back!

#1 Satisfaction Guarantee! If you do not find this to be the coolest, handiest and most durable product you have ever had your hands on. I will return  your dough "No Questions Asked".  Bucklehead offers you 100% Satisfaction or your money back!

#2 Quality Guarantee! This product is guaranteed for you for as long as you own it! Under Normal Use! "Not Abuse". We stand behind our product 110% always!

#3 Bucklehead Guarantees that once you try our Belt Buckle Knife you will never put your hand in your pocket for your knife again!

A Message From Bucklehead! 

5 Advantages You Receive With Your Bucklehead Belt Buckle Knife! 

#1 Accessible Without Reaching!

#2 Accessible Without Unnatural Motion!

#3 Out & Open In An Undetectable Manner!

#4 Out & Open One Handed Operation!

#5 Accessible While Even Sitting Down!

Accessible Without Reaching! Your Knife is in front of you! This allows access without reaching back to move forward where the work usually is!

Accessible Without Unnatural Motion! Reaching back to go forward is not natural. In a tactical situation this is a dead giveaway and will always leave you time to defend. You cannot defend against something you cannot see. Advantage to you with your Bucklehead Belt Buckle Knife! 

Out & Open-Undetectable Manner! Yes out and open without being detected and at the same time can be returned to the holster and nobody will ever know you had protection in your hand ready to strike. Something no other knife in the World can offer!

Out & Open One Handed Operation! That's right, something in your other hand, "No Problem" and no need to set it down. Your Bucklehead Belt Buckle Knife can be used with one hand every time with ease!

Accessible Even While Sitting Down! That's right, even if you are sitting on a motorcycle, quad runner, car or pickup with your seat belt on, horseback, boat or barstool. Whatever the case might be, your knife is accessible because it is in front of you and not in your pocket! Put this buckle on your chaps and this instantly eliminates you from trying to reach your knife buried in your pocket! 

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