World's Fastest Sharpener Holster Edition!

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Hold the sharpener with the flat surface against the cutting edge of the knife blade. Tilt it slightly forward as shown in the picture. Now slide the sharpener back to front three times. You will feel the tungsten carbide cut the new edge. If you do not feel the sharpener cut the new edge it is not doing its job. Remember the angle of the sharpener must be great enough to touch the cutting edge of the blade or it will not do its job. Practice and you will find this tool will do a outstanding job.

Simple Proceeder To Get Your Knife Razor Sharp!

After the three passes on the first side move to the other side as shown in picture. One pass on this side is all that is required. A fast way to sharpen any knife anywhere. Remember, Its not what kind of sharpener you have but if you have it with you and how long it takes to get your knife sharp. The Worlds Fastest Knife Sharpener is made in the U.S.A.

Simple Step Completion & Your Knife is Ready To Go!

"Made in the USA by Unlike Most"

The World's Fastest Knife Sharpener Holster Edition!

Worlds Fastest Sharpener Holster Edition $10.00

World's Fastest Knife Sharpener Holster Edition
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